Servicing of Free-Standing Check-it Clearing Station

As the exclusive distributor of Savage Range System products in Singapore, we also provide maintenance services such as inspection to ensure the structural integrity of the clearing station, cleaning, replacing spare parts and anti-rust treatment and repainting.

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Clearing stations are subjected to factors including rain, high humidity and other human influence. This can lead to rusting of the clearing station, compromising its structural integrity. Hence, routine servicing is important in ensuring the safe working condition of these stations.

Standard Servicing

Includes inspection of the exterior housing & interior assembly and cleaning of the chamber. If necessary, spare parts will also be replaced (excluding weather cover). Standard servicing is recommended to be performed annually.

Anti-Rust Servicing

For clearing stations displaying rust, do opt for anti-rust servicing which would include standard servicing with anti-rust treatment and repainting. Anti-rust servicing is to be done based on the condition of the clearing station.


In between servicing intervals, end-users are encouraged to check that:

- No debris/litter inside the shooting tube

- No rust formation at the base of the clearing station

- Working condition of the yellow safety cover

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