Firearms Training

A weapon is only as capable as its user. Alongside our partners, we at Stratton Technologies are able to provide a comprehensive programme to fully equip any user on the fundamentals of handling and firing a weapon of any calibre.

  • Target Engagement (Day/Night)
  • Weapon Familiarization
  • Distribution of Fire
  • Weapon Transition
  • Multiple Target Prioritization and Engagement
  • Turning & Lateral Movement
  • Shooting from Behind Cover
  • Tactical Magazine Change (Day)

Unarmed Combat Trainnig

When weapons fail on a soldier or they have no time to use one, they need to be trained to rely on their own strength to defend themselves. Alongside our partners, we at Stratton Technologies are able to provide a training programme to allow Soldiers to react rapidly in an array of real life battle scenarios.

  • Krav Maga
  • Knife Fighting Skills
  • Improvised Weapons Training
  • Close Quarter Neutralization Techniques
  • Bare Arm Defense
  • Weapon Defense

Security Management Consultancy

With rapid globalization and open borders, the demand for advanced inspection systems and trained personnel to handle any security threat scenarios is on the rise. Alongside our partners, Stratton Technologies are able to provide solutions to effectively detect, deter and prevent any threat.

  • Aerial Surveillance Threat and Vulnerabilities Assessment and Risk Management
  • Screening Techniques
  • Recognition & Detection of weapons, dangerous substances, devices
  • Passenger Flow Management
  • Characteristics of Suspicious Behavioural Patterns
  • Crisis Communication and Coordination

K9 Training

Not only is the dog man’s best friend but it is also a very loyal partner on the field. Our Partners, who have been working with K9 units for over 30 years, are able to provide professional consultancy and tailor the training programme to suit the specific needs of the K9 unit. In the event you need to get more dogs for your K-9 unit, our partners have the experience and capabilities to find them for you as well.

  • Attack
  • Tracking
  • Explosives Detection
  • Drug Detection
  • Search and Rescuse


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