Remodeled Freestanding Check-it!™ Bullet Trap

The Freestanding Check-It!™ Bullet Traps are design as firearms "clearing stations". They are specially designed to ensure that no live ammunition is present before storing or cleaning a firearm. It safely captures bullets from accidental discharges and eliminates ricochets. 

Do note that the remodeled Freestanding Check-it!™️ Bullet Trap Snail System is not removable with the cover as this model is meant for deployment purposes only.


The low angle entrance ramp deflects the bullet into the patented round Deceleration Chamber where it loses energy and safely drops to the bottom. 

Product Details

Data sheet

19"x10"x27" (10"x16" Base)
95 lbs
Handles handguns, shotguns and rifles (up to .444 Marlin)
Trap Opening
3" diameter
Maximum Rated FPE
3000 at muzzle
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