The CZ BREN 2 model series is a modular weapon system that represents an ideal comprehensive solution for all types of armed forces when introducing a modern automatic weapon of an individual. The basic design of all variants guarantees absolute reliability in all climatic conditions, constant high accuracy and great user comfort.

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This state-of-the-art light individual automatic firearm has been developed in close collaboration with elite professionals expressly for the needs of current armed forces. Its original and exceptionally simple design has been based on a patented blowback design of the slide on the detachable trigger mechanism housing. Extremely durable polymers and other hi-tech materials and technologies are extensively used in the manufacture of this model series. The main advantages of the CZ SCORPION EVO 3 A1 submachine gun include excellent ergonomics, high accuracy in all modes of fire (single round, three-round burst and fully automatic) and absolute reliability in all weather conditions anywhere in the world. What is more, these models are remarkably easy and fast to strip at the basic level and their sophisticated design inspired by the legendary CZ sport pistols allows for unbeatably fast reloading.

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5,56×45 NATO
2,84 ± 0,05 kg (For 7,62x39 9",without magazine)
2,89 ± 0,05 kg (For 5,56x45 8",without magazine)
2,89 ± 0,05 kg (For 7,62x39 11",without magazine)
2,98 ± 0,05 kg (For 5,56x45 11",without magazine)
3,00 ± 0,05 kg (For 7,62x39 14",without magazine)
3,10 ± 0,05 kg (For 5,56x45 14",without magazine)
Overall length with folded/unfolded-extended stock: 420/625-675±10 mm
Width with unfolded/folded stock: 60/85 ± 5 mm
Barrel Length
196 mm (8")
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