Haemostatic Collagen Sponge (Collaclot) 10x7.5cm

Product Introduction:


     COLLACLOT is a 100% Avian Collagen which is made from chicken collagen and it is activated by contact with blood. The active ingredient in COLLACLOT is collagen, which binds to the receptors in damaged cells in the blood vessels. The product is different from other hemostats as it not only helped to clot the bleed via pressure, but also by promoting an increase in the body's natural reaction. It also works in extreme conditions and is fully biodegradable. It's ideal for a range of wounds from catastrophic bleeding to minor cuts. 

$60.48 (tax incl.)
Features and Benefits:
´It's simple & easy to use in emergency situations
     + Can be ultiple site injury
+ Compact & lightweight, ideal for first aid & trauma kits
+ Suitable for worldwide weather conditions (-95° to +55°)
´Versatile for multiple wounds & everyday use
It can be applied to the skin
Used in a large laceration
Fragments can be left in the wound & will be naturally resorbed
´Saves time & money
+ Ready-to-use & activates within minutes
+ The most cost-effective haemostatic agent on the market
+ 5-year shelf life from manufacturing date
´Significantly improves healing & woundcare

+ Easy to remove without causing re-bleed
     + It is naturally resorbed by the body
     + Works with the blood to activate the clotting mechanism

Product Application:

     Unlike many other haemostats, Collaclot™ works by directly enhancing the natural clotting processes triggered by collagen to accelerate haemostasis. The collagen in the sponge binds and activates platelets, leading to primary haemostasis and activation of the coagulation pathways. It also has procoagulant activity, acting as a catalyst for local generation of thrombin, mediating fibrin generation, trapping red cells as well as platelets, leading to consolidation of the clot and closure of damaged blood vessels. Thus, it works by both primary and secondary haemostasis.


     Collaclot has more potent haemostatic activity than an equivalent “standard” collagen sponge and starts working immediately, as soon as it contacts blood, with no time lag in activation of clotting. Unlike Collaclot, other emergency haemostats often turn into sticky gel and just rely on simply blocking blood flow, rather than quickly activating physiological clotting. Also, because it is collagen, it can safely be left in-situ in a wound and will naturally be resorbed over a period of time, whilst supporting initiation of wound healing. 


Product Details

Data sheet

100% Avian Collagen
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Packed in Sterile Pouch
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