Rifle Data Book - OPTAC International

Made to last, this Rifle Data Book from OPTAC International not only assists in tracking training shoots but also operational scenarios. Log information such as gun type, ammunition and weather for training shoots while noting details such as suspects and hostages within the Operational Data section.

With a hard cover, rest assured that your notes will be kept crease-free. 

$80.00 (tax incl.)

The book is divided into sections: 

1) Shooting Data including: Date & Time, Rifle & Scope, Distance, Ammunition, Temperature, Lot #, Humidity, Range Location, Weather Conditions, Wind, Light, Mirage, Barometric Pressure, Angle to Target, Position, Support, Magnification, Cold Bore Shot - Elevation and Windage. 

2) Operational Data including: Date, Begin Time, End Time, Total, Nature of Operation, Suspects, Hostages and Notes.

3) Diagram/Range Card.

Product Details

Data sheet

15.5cm x 21.7cm
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